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Geek Computer
A computer repair company that specializes in computers ...

About Us

Geek Computer is a Topeka, KS company that provides top-notch residential services and installation.

Our Vision:

Creating better technological experiences for you with pride, sincerity, and authenticity. We provide unbiased advice, security support, and installation services to our clients.

Our Mission:

Our passion for excellence has put us among the fastest-growing computer repair companies. We strive to provide high-quality and reliable software repair, hardware repair, and heater installation and repair to the residents and neighbors of Topeka. Driven by our passion for excellence, we give every service we provide diligent attention. That means your products will come back to you as good as new.

Geek Computer has one of Topeka’s best tech teams, whose members are always available to answer your questions and put your worries at ease. We offer online remote repair services, as well as on-site, in-office, and in-home support. We have quickly become a favorite among many clients; we are confident you will like us too.

My Story

For 20 triumphant years, I have used the tech platform to create a better life experience for the communities and businesses I engage with. I joined the United States Marine Corp. as a technical data network specialist, paving the way for my programming course in college. I was amember of the Geek Squad in 2001. My later years have involved me in the tech field as a web programmer, software engineer, developer, and manager. 

Our services are not about us, and they care about you. We are one organization that is determined to impact every business we encounter. Say goodbye to bad communication and half-baked projects. My team is determined to uplift the tech needs of both the community and the global village. 


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A computer repair company that specializes in computers, mobile, and home devices!

We provide unbiased advice, security support, and installation services to our residential community. Our mission is to help people get the most out of their technology through affordable service and reliable products.

Focus Point
Geek Computer offer more of a residential solutions to home and home office problems.

Internal Point
We create content articles for home users, only focusing on items that a person at home would want or need from a technical aspect to include anything you would find at home from an ordinary person that is not in IT.

We help stressed and frustrated individuals enhance PC/Phone abilities that will benefit them by offering a clear direction on how to solve their unique situations. We have easy-to-understand tutorials and one-on-one attention from a real person to guide you every step of the way.

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